Miller's Rexall e-commerce + upgrades

Rebuilding the entire website on Shopify

Richard, the owner of Miller’s Rexall, was looking to upgrade all his e-commerce and record keeping systems inside his store and online. He wanted to streamline access to all his sales, revenue, inventory, user sharing, and more. Allie Bashuk, of The Goat Farm, recommended Streetcat’s services to Richard after hearing about his needs one day. Streetcat consulted with Richard and researched several options for Richard to consider for a full systems upgrade.

For the full project, Streetcat assisted Richard and his staff in purchasing new computers, upgrading their Windows systems and migrating their Microsoft Office services to Office 365, registering G Suite administrative services for Richard and his staff, upgrading their old desktop version of Quickbooks to Quickbboks Online, and photographing over 700+ items for inventory display on the new online store.


Rebranding Miller’s in collaboration with Treebird Branding

Streetcat hired Treebird Branding to create new branding assets for Miller’s Rexall to make their presence look cleaner and more kitsch online. They developed several categories of assets, including textural backgrounds, logos, graphics, and more.