Octave Spa

The Octave Spa is an audio / visual collaborative project among multiple artists in Atlanta. Staged at The Goat Farm Arts Center and the Mammal Gallery in the past, the Octave Spa’s have culminated into one-night events where artists with digital video production and music synth projects come together and create a cacophonous sensory experiences. This event has been primarily organized between Streetcat and Jacob Anderson of Wrong Studio Design.

Multiple Atlanta-based artists collaborated on an audio/visual experiential project on June 17, 2016. This project culminated into a one-night event where artists from multiple media backgrounds synthesized a cohesive audio/visual experience through progressive play and systems feedback channels. The main instruments of play were analog synthesizers and generative projections that sensed action in the environment.
Octave Spa geared up for the NYE 2017 party at Mammal Gallery inside the Wrong Studio van, complete with custom built light-reactive synths + Moog Werkstatts.