Deathbox Studio at The Bakery Atlanta

About the Deathbox

“Deathbox Studio is an experimental recording and live streaming space dedicated for audio / visual creative projects. Available for hourly rental starting at $39/hr, the Deathbox space offers insulated sound and light proofing for the weirdest of projects to be crafted into the web-o-sphere. We also offer equipment rental packages for those renting the space, including audio and visual equipment as well as web platform consulting so you can get your project maximum visibility onto several platforms on the Internet. Want to record your podcast? Want to live stream your faux blood bath DJ set? We can help you!”

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The beginning of the project

Before being repurposed into a rental space, Streetcat prepped this old raver room to be painted and aesthetically improved for rental and experimental audio / visual performance projects. The room was previously covered in patchy purple paint and spray painted with symbols from the previous raver tenants. Streetcat repainted white to make way for dynamic lighting and interactive installations that will soon grace the space inside Deathbox.


Financing an artist residency with revenue from rentals

Part of the mission of Deathbox Studio is to create the financial and spatial resources for artists to create interactive features in the space that other artists can use when they rent the Deathbox. One quarter of the rental revenue will fund a quarterly artist residency program that will pay artists / buy their materials for them to build an awesome project that will live inside the Deathbox. These photos reveal the prototyping of this artist residency concept by Streetcat with the design of the e-textile MIDI jacket controller that was constructed at PIFcamp 2018. The idea behind this jacket controller project was motivated by unique wearable sensor design that can control electronics with MIDI signals. Ideally, musicians could use the jacket to control drum beats or other synth sounds during a live performance inside Deathbox.


Monthly electronics educational opportunities

Every month, Streetcat organizes a workshop in collaboration with the Atlanta Synthesizer Club, which is an online community for synth and electronic music nerds in Atlanta. Since April 2017, Streetcat’s organized workshops relating to building DIY electronic instruments, electronic music synthesis, and also hosting open build days. Recently, The Bakery Atlanta started hosting our workshops, and we’ve had multiple awesome teachers teach people how to build DIY MIDI controllers with Arduino (The Musico Nerd // Gustavo Silveira) and prototype photosensitive music modules that play a MaxMSP patch (Takumi Ogata). These educational opportunities are part of the growth plan for Deathbox, which is focused on benefiting the surrounding community by providing accessible resources for being creative.


Events inside the Deathbox

Aaron Artrip hosted a one-nite group synth show inside the Deathbox in May 2018. He organized several of his students and colleagues at GSU to submit an interactive / media piece for this show, and Aaron outfitted the space with special lighting fixtures and installed several projects, including an analog sine wave visualizer TV pile. It is the dream to host more fun, weird, loud, fuzzy, dreamy events inside the Deathbox - send an email to to collaborate on a show!