WonderRoot CAMP ~ Interacting with our world!

“WonderRoot CAMP (Community + Art, Making Progress) builds campers’ understanding of both art and social justice -- adding a progressive social change practice to artistic skill-building sessions. The camp combines artistic development with an emphasis on how the campers’ art can be used to propel and inspire positive change in hearts, minds, and policy. Topics include beginner robotics, screen printing, zines, and more! “


At this kids camp, Streetcat led a one-day workshop with kids on topics relating to physical computing called, Interacting with our world. Access and download the lesson for kids here: goo.gl/TG1v8V.

Streetcat developed a one day workshop for the WonderRoot CAMP for kids that focused on teaching them about the evolution of tool-making as it has progressed into advanced technological sensory development.

Squarespace for creatives

Streetcat taught a 4-part workshop series for artists to make their own web portfolio from start to finish. This workshop series belonged to WonderRoot’s program called Artists Helping Artists.

“Artists Helping Artists is an ongoing adult art educational program that takes place at the WonderRoot Community Arts Center. Artists Helping Artists workshops are led by professional artists who give their time, knowledge, and expertise to lead workshops that are economically accessible to all. Artists offer introductory and intermediate technique-oriented and discussion-based classes that enable participants to learn new creative skills, hone existing ones and engage with others in a safe, nurturing, and experimental environment.” https://www.wonderroot.org/education-development/education-developmentartists-helping-artists/

The class series was broken down into 4 meeting dates where students learned the fundamentals of information design and how to master the Squarespace web platform.

  1. Internet basics, information design basics, content flow, how to efficiently source content for your website.

  2. Squarespace platform basics, building pages and designing content on Squarespace, begin to add content to website, refine information design.

  3. Website design mid-process mini-critique, continue to add content, begin researching styles (colors and fonts) for unique web presence, develop mood boards for web style.

  4. Add final content, add styling to website, final mini-critique, how to manage your content after class ends – give additional resources to participants.