The Bakery Atlanta

Helping to build a DIY resource center

Streetcat is currently involved in developing educational programming and creative digital tools for artists at The Bakery. The Bakery Atlanta is a growing arts and information hub with a DIY ethos, nestled between the Adair Park, Capitol View, and Oakland City neighborhoods. As a multi-faceted arts complex, The Bakery focuses on community engagement, the environment, education, and new technologies. Creative Loafing recently covered what’s been happening at The Bakery and gave Streetcat a shoutout for running educational workshops on building electronic instruments at the space ~

Streetcat is helping to organize The Bakery’s first birthday ~ Bakie Bash 2018! Check out event information here ~


Monthly workshops with the Atlanta Synth Club

Every month, Streetcat organizes a workshop in collaboration with the Atlanta Synthesizer Club, which is an online community for synth and electronic music nerds in Atlanta. Since April 2017, Streetcat’s organized workshops relating to building DIY electronic instruments, electronic music synthesis, and also hosting open build days. Recently, The Bakery Atlanta started hosting our workshops, and we’ve had multiple awesome teachers teach people how to build DIY MIDI controllers with Arduino (The Musico Nerd // Gustavo Silveira) and prototype photosensitive music modules that play a MaxMSP patch (Takumi Ogata). These educational opportunities are part of the growth plan for Deathbox, which is focused on benefiting the surrounding community by providing accessible resources for being creative.


Deathbox Studio ~ operated by

“Deathbox Studio is an experimental recording and live streaming space dedicated for audio / visual creative projects. Available for hourly rental starting at $39/hr, the Deathbox space offers insulated sound and light proofing for the weirdest of projects to be crafted into the web-o-sphere. We also offer equipment rental packages for those renting the space, including audio and visual equipment as well as web platform consulting so you can get your project maximum visibility onto several platforms on the Internet. Want to record your podcast? Want to live stream your faux blood bath DJ set? We can help you!” ~ learn more ~


Building The Bakery’s website

Streetcat’s first volunteer gig at The Bakery was to build the website and help setup some basic IT services for this newly birthed community center idea, which was presented to Streetcat shortly after Willow Goldstein obtained the soon-to-be home of The Bakery. Streetcat helped Willow obtain a domain name for her new baby and setup G Suite services so The Bakery could start receiving emails.

Over the next few months, Streetcat worked with Willow to achieve the look she wanted for The Bakery’s website and tutored some of Willow’s staff on how to update content on the website.