Spelman College

Guest lecturer for the Spelman Innovation Lab

Streetcat served as a guest lecturer for Spelman students and faculty at Spelman’s Innovation Lab from 2017 to 2018. She taught several Squarespace portfolio website workshops where students learned how to build their own websites with proper knowledge about information UI design and using Squarespace’s layout components.

Streetcat also taught a handful of physical computing workshops where several students learned how physical computing systems work by building their own Arduino-based sensor and motor-based projects with Adafruit microcontroller boards.

About the program

“Founded in 2016 within the Division of Fine Arts at Spelman College, the Innovation Lab serves as a center for creativity at the intersections of science, art, engineering, and technology. Through our open makerspace and workshops, the lab provides opportunities for learning, dialogue, exploration, and play that lead to new modes of expression, new ways of thinking critically, creative problem-solving, and reimagining the role of artists and makers in an unpredictable world.” ~ http://sites.spelman.edu/innovationlab/about/


Physical Computing with Spelman students


Squarespace portfolio website building