PIFcamp 2018

Heading to PIFcamp

Before arriving in Slovenia, Streetcat had been travelling for weeks through the Western side of Europe. She started her journey in early July with hiking part of the Mont Blanc mountains with a zealous crew of trekkers. She traveled next to cities in Switzerland, then to the village of Domrémy-la-Pucelle in the French countryside. After that, Streetcat crashed with an awesome Couch Surfing host in Berlin that was super helpful with navigating the city and making breakfast every morning for the two weeks that she stayed with him. She got to hang out and see some cool art with The Glad Scientist and buy weird fabrics and sewing accessories from cute boutique shops in Berlin. After Berlin, she started the last leg of her journey by heading to PIFcamp via a cheap bus ride. Below are the progression pics of a knitting project that she knitted on the way to PIFcamp and finished during the camp.


What is PIFcamp?

Streetcat learned about PIFcamp from Andy Quitmeyer at DiNaCon in early June 2018 right before the PIFcamp project submissions deadline. After being inspired to work on a project from ideation to creation at DiNaCon with the Recycloom, she was truly inspired to keep making fun, interactive projects for the rest of the summer. By the end of the summer, she had the goal of making a wearable electronics project, so she submitted the idea of creating a wearable MIDI controller to the PIFcamp project submission committee. They accepted her project, and the rest of her summer unfolded in an organic European magical splendor.

To get an idea of PIFcamp, you have to be familiar with how a hackerspace runs. It’s essentially a resource and community center where creative folks like to build things. These things can range from electronics hobbyist projects to automotive repair - it really depends on the space. For PIFcamp, the maker atmosphere was filled with hacker tools and the tenacity to push the limits on interactive creative production. The official description of the camp is…

"PIFcamp is a 7-day hacker-base set in Slovenian nature, where art, technology and knowledge meet. The participants of the camp take the leading part in holding workshops, practical field trips, theoretical lectures and on-sight briefings and actively participate in the development of various DIY projects, while collaborating together in a creative working environment. In DIY, DIWO and DITO manner! In addition, all the projects are thoroughly documented and published online." (1)

http://pif.camp/what-is-pifcamp/ (1)

All photos below by Katja Goljat


Streetcat's project

Over the course of PIFcamp, Streetcat actuated her prototype of a wearable MIDI controller design in the form of a jacket. The project culminated into a fashionable jacket that had hand sewn e-textile inputs that were powered by a Teensy 3.2 and sent MIDI signals via USB to Ableton. Check out the full project and information about it here: https://www.streetcat.media/creative-tech/pifcamp2018-midietextilejacket

Streetcat’s original project proposal: https://www.streetcat.media/creative-tech/pifcamp2018-midietextilejacket