Housing Justice League

Building housingjusticeleague.org

Streetcat designed and developed the new website for housingjusticeleague.org. Made with Squarespace, the design of housingjusticeleague.org was made to engage community members with information, providing a portal for donations and volunteer registration, giving information to users about the various HJL programs available to residents in South Atlanta, and more.


Documentary photography for HJL events

Streetcat volunteered as a documentary and portrait photographer for the Housing Justice League during their preparation and release of their in-depth study on affordable housing development in Atlanta. From summer through fall 2017, Streetcat attended neighborhood organizing meetings in Peoplestown and documented the production and release of the housing report at City Hall in Atlanta.

Read the report written by the Housing Justice League about the lack of affordable housing development happening along the Atlanta BeltLine. Streetcat receives credits on pgs. 1, 11, 32, 33, 34, 46, and 49.

Portraits of HJL members and Peoplestown residents


Documenting neighborhood meetings for HJL


and the release of the Beltline Housing Report at City Hall