Digital Naturalism Conference

An alternative to your everyday academic conference

Dr. Andrew (Andy) Quitmeyer had the vision of creating a long-term maker conference where attendees could make, share, and collaborate on projects that focus on the intersections of solving problems relating to nature and technology. His vision manifested into a free, two-month long conference that happened in Phuket, Thailand in the summer of 2018. Andy organized the conference with Tasneem Khan, and they both ran the conference on-site at the Baan Mai Beachfront Resort as well as in the Koh Lon Bay on the Diva Andaman makerspace pirate ship. Andy posted his philosophy about hosting an alternative academic conference on ~

Why am I putting on this conference for free? What’s my beef with current academic Conferences?

Academic Conferences have gotten kinda terrible. I like a lot of the people involved with them, and they do great work, but they get caught in a terrible, exploitative system. The whole system relies on the unpaid labor of busy academics to organize and run big logistical nightmares. The academics also have to create the content being “sold” by these conferences (the papers, and talks, and workshops, and reviews) and are then expected to pay large amounts of money for the privilege of being able to attend the things they provided all the work for…

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Being a friend of Andy’s from when he lived in Atlanta, Streetcat submitted a project idea when she saw one of his posts notifying people about the Call For Proposals for DiNaCon on social media. Streetcat was interested in building a project that promoted the core values of DiNaCon. She designed a concept that used recycled materials to recreate an inkle loom and creating resources textile resources, like plarn, for conference attendees to learn about how the project works. Learn more about Streetcat’s DiNaCon project here ~

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