Concrete Jungle Atlanta

this is what a giant fruit tree catching skirt looks like! 🍎🍐🥥 

Craig Durkin from Concrete Jungle Atlanta was looking for a custom tarp that can be affixed to a tree and catch the fruit that falls in it during group picks on farms. Streetcat took the rough sketch that Craig drew and manufactured a large 30'x30' tarp that has a hole cut in the middle of it with a separating zippered seam cut from one edge to the middle hole

~ the center hole affixes to a tree with a belt n up to 20 ppl can hold the tarp with handles!!!


Cutting the giant tarp to 30ft by 30ft


Cutting a seam up the middle and creating a center tree hole


Making handles for people to hold the massive fruit catcher!


Applying separating zippers up the middle seam


Craig is testing out the fruit tree skirt