Self-managed Websites for Creatives + Entrepreneurs


Peter Bahouth (Artist)

As an actively practicing photographer, who utilizes analog stereoscopic photographic tools + processes in his work, Peter Bahouth needed a website that would display his portfolio similar to how it would be shown in "real-life". The presentation of digital negatives in his online portfolio is derived from this analog method of having actual images burned onto film and presented in linear sleeves.

We also included information about him, reviews on his work, + how to get in contact with him for commissions or questions. This website (as well as all the other ones on this page) were made with the Squarespace platform. Squarespace is BY FAR the easiest platform to develop a clean, professional website that can be managed by artists themselves - so Peter now has his Squarespace website and is able to upload new images when he wants to his portfolio or links to new reviews on his work.


Eleanor Neal (Artist)

Eleanor is a print-maker and at the time of Streetcat helping with her website, she was a graduate MFA student at the University of Chicago. She needed a website as a portfolio of all her work so she could showcase her talents for new opportunities in the art world. Streetcat aided Eleanor in the process of gathering and organizing the information she would need for a solid portfolio. Now, Eleanor has the ability to edit her artist statement or change the information in the announcement bar at the top of the home page plus more actions.


Zerowaste Karen Glass (Fashion Designer)

Karen Glass was in the process of starting up zerowaste karen glass when she took one of the Root Access Project's classes, Squarespace for Creatives, and found that she needed a web presence to propel the brand forward. This move would allow her to put her designs online so investors and potential customers could view her work as well as her brand purpose, which continues to be embedded in the ethos of non-waste making processes and gainful employment for at-risk women that have faced domestic and sexual violence.


Park Krausen (Actress)

Wanting to have just a simple space where potential agents + casting directors could access her online portfolio, Park's website was developed to fit her simple needs of posting her resume and media that people could view or listen to. Squarespace was a great platform to use for Park because it afforded her the interchangeability of media and text on various pages, which now serve as an interactive portfolio for her aspiring work in voice acting.


Iron Horse Farms (Charitable Farm and Steel Fabricator)

Located in Marion, Alabama (just north of Selma) Iron Horse Farms is a charitable farm and steel fabrication business. Coming into the recent possession of an Alabama steel business owner, Iron Horse Farms offers unique products that serve farmers internal infrastructure with products like cattle guards and bridges.

Iron Horse also grows about 50,000 lbs of vegetables each summer and donates it to various food banks in the central Alabama region. Operations for Iron Horse are also tied with their non-profit, St. Michael's Iron Horse Charities, which supports free wildlife retreats for wounded veterans at the farm. Squarespace works great for both organizations as the products on the website need to be updated regularly by the staff, so they are able to access the information and change it when they need to (as well as accept donations on their non-profit website).


Root Access Project (Open-source Community Education Platform)

Root Access Project in an open-source community education platform and resource center that focuses on creative skill development and work opportunities for those who develop their skills in the program. Root Access needed a simple, one-page website that listed the basic purpose of it as well as links to the social media channels associated with it.