UX Portfolio Journey

The idea for Streetcat.Media occurred to founder, Maggie Kane, in 2012 as a student + practicing artist living in New Orleans. At the time, she finished an interactive art project that explored uses in digital practice / representative identity + served as the primary researcher for a Tulane University sociologist who examined cultural performance embedded in urban communities. Technology became an essential tool for Kane in practicing art via its affordance of thriving creatively + financially through a strong foundation / regular implementation of its { infinite } use cases.

From the art world, Kane jumped straight into a corporate systems design position at a large national bank. There, she was able to work + learn the application development lifecycle process, from designing the functional spec + wireframes to assisting developers on the embedded styles and structural layout of internal systems applications. Quality assurance and application unit testing were strongly embedded as good practice for client system work and Kane continues to employ this method of working with clients today.

As a freelance community + design systems architect, someone who likes to tweak processes for more efficient outputs, Kane/Streetcat focuses on developing sustainable relationships with community oriented organizations who aim to serve communities through projects that support active engagement.


Systems Design

With a strong foundation in agile software development processes, UX design, and iterative testing for optimal quality assurance - Streetcat is primed to assist any mobile or web application project.

Community Leadership

As a community program organizer in many free technology communities in ATL + NOLA, Streetcat serves to bring crucial resources and relationships to those interested in developing their creative digital skills.


Streetcat initially started as a street photography practice and has since developed commercial services for music + other cultural events, both in analog + digital processes.


There's an element of world exploration that is embedded in the streetcat philosophy of everyday life, so artistic + other creative practices continue to flourish as experimental processes within streetcat's experience + representation of traditional socio-economic systems.