An interactive experience for artists + audience members to influence musical performance and sensory-derived visual output in A space :: Organized by Maggie Kane + Jacob Anderson


10/29/2016 :: Halloween Octave Spa (in the van)

The next installation of the Soft Octave Spa was for the Halloween Party hosted at the Goat Farm Arts Center. Instead of setting up the interactivity in a traditional room, we moved the experience into collaborating artist, Jacob Anderson's big yellow van.

The van was turned into a space and time portal that was outfitted with sensory LED panels that mapped to the beats of the music + an array of modular analog synthesizer units.



7/18/2016 :: First Octave Spa

Multiple Atlanta-based artists collaborated on an audio/visual experiential project on June 18, 2016. This project culminated into a one-night event where artists from multiple media backgrounds synthesized a cohesive audio/visual experience through progressive play and the implementation of systems feedback channels.

The main instruments of play were analog synthesizers and generative projections that sensed action in the environment, and subsequently aligned the visual elements with sound through cohesive movement of the artists and participants in the space.

{Video + Photos}