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Workforce development + digital tool empowerment program for creative people :: Believing that everyone should have access to the foundational knowledge of computer and internet usage, Root Access focuses on bringing highly modern + creative approaches of teaching technology to people of all backgrounds.

Designed as an open-source education platform, Root Access shares all its content online via our Youtube channel and through classes offered in community centers in Atlanta and New Orleans.


Computer + Web Classes

As a principle of Root Access, basic computer literacy is a key element for empowering any user (particularly low-income individuals) in being able to successfully navigate sociotechnical systems, focusing on a strong foundation of workforce + creative skill development classes.

Computer Basics with Chromebooks :: This is an entry level class for people who are unfamiliar with computers and/or have had limited use with them. Chromebooks are great computers to first learn on + use for daily activities, such as completing an array of tasks online in an easy, efficient manner.

Squarespace for Creatives :: This is an intermediate level class that focuses on basic web design for an online creative portfolio + the online tools needed to host and manage a website.

Photography Classes

Photographic process skills are taught in two classes, DSLR 101 + City Photowalks. In DSLR 101, we cover the basics of manual DSLR photography, focusing on exploring relationships between the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, lens type, + more. The City Photowalks take place a few times throughout the year in an area of Atlanta. Thus far, we've covered : the Beltline, Cabbagetown, and Peachtree Street (Downtown to Buckhead).

Free Events

As a way to engage Atlanta's diverse community into technology, Streetcat developed fun + free events for people to attend. Pokémon Go worked great as a platform that would allow for social collaboration + geospatial exploration. At the peak of its popularity, Streetcat has hosted several Pokémon Go events that have drawn out over 1500+ people to the events.


Streetcat Hosts a guerilla Pokémon Go event for 1000 People in a Piedmont Park

Streetcat hosted a free + accessible Pokémon Go Hunt in Piedmont Park on July 17, 2016. It was intended to be an uplifting event for people of all diverse backgrounds to come together under an umbrella of social positivity and platform collaboration. Over 1000+ trainers came to the event to show their support for the new platform and its ability to connect people with real world public environments and thus other people who share their similar interest as well.


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