Experiential Object Installation in the Carroll Gallery

"This installation presents a series of mental narratives that have saturated my brain for the past year. In putting this room together, I am manifesting my overarching thoughts and emotions into spatial and temporal physicality through the use of found objects, imagery, and sound.

In presenting the space as a symbolic arena of the mind while effectively conveying a loose narrative from the standpoint of the individual, I played with the language of the found objects and utilized them as sign vehicles for inscribing personal meaning in the installation. Both the bed and windows are universalized representations of space. They have an existing language system constructed around them to represent different facets of space - the bed being a privatized object where one can sleep and allow their minds to wander and windows being more public objects that are capable of bringing in the outside world to a privatized space. I placed the bed and windows close together to create a dialectical extension of the general narrative of memories that have been floating through my conscious realm of thought and intro my conscious existence, invading the irrational character of my mind -- my emotions.

I highlighted my emotions from this time period with a music track that's aligned to the window projections. In considering how to represent my emotions into an object form, I chose music because I have a strong mental mapping of my emotions during a period of time by correlating them to specific music selections I become obsessed with during that time. The imagery in the windows and in the books follows the general narrative of my memories. The books are documentations provided from my mental narratives of the past year and have been divided into subsets of individualized stories. The window projections are portraits of my relationships with people and objects that have existed in my surrounding world over the past year.

In combining all these elements symbolically into a singular piece, which I've entitled Fantasia, I've meant to create a unified object that represents a language of my mind as it has existed over this past year."

++  Maggie Kane, 2012, BFA Thesis from Tulane University