Event Organization

Streetcat.media organizes public events + develops educational programming for multiple community organizations in Atlanta, including Freeside, Google Developer Group Atlanta, Root Access Project, Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery, and more. Our goal is to serve orgacommunities with easy to grasp technology programming and resources that greatly impact one's comfort level with utilizing technology.



We work with the latest web and mobile technology platforms to make sure our clients integrate systems that make their workload lighter and increase the value in their rate for return of information from system use - specializing in Google's cloud and mobile products


Skill Building

Accessible and affordable workforce skill-based training and resource connection is a primary focus for Streetcat's community development initiative. We believe that technology can provide an economic advantage to anyone who learns to utilize the powerful tools that a computer and internet-enabled devices can provide individuals.

We want to help universities and corporations develop community-oriented educational outreach programming. This includes organizing volunteer-based classes and events to promote technology as well as connect large organizations with small community groups. The goal in connecting these groups is to develop a sustainable and fair ecosystem of value exchange within the city of Atlanta.

Community Calendar

Keep up with events that Streetcat is hosting, helps organize, or just thinks is an overall cool thing to check out. Most events will come from the calendars of Freeside, Google Developer Group, and Root Access Project.